Review by Veronica

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Except one flick of my eyes, and I can see it’s him. What’s more, he’s still got the whole rugged jaw and devastating dark eyes thing going on. Not that I’d be shallow enough to fall for that whole knockout, sex-on-legs vibe now. These days, if I were looking—which obviously I’m not—I’d look a lot more at the whole person. 

Tea for Two at the Little Cornish Kitchen is a sweet, delicious book that will satisfy that romance craving you may have. 

St Aidan: a cosy Cornish village where friendships are made for life and it’s always cocktail hour somewhere…

The Little Cornish Kitchen is going on tour!

When internet sensation ‘Cressida Cupcake’ has a soggy bottomed TV fiasco and faces bake-off backlash she jumps at the chance to spend some time hiding out in St Aidan, dog sitting for her brother.

Picturesque Seaspray Cottage is meant to be Cressy Hobson’s port in the storm but with her blog sponsors having fled and her book deal gone sideways her funds are running low and she’s forced to turn to the locals for help. Soon her quiet weeks in Cornwall are filled with chasing sheep, saving the local retirement village, taking The Little Cornish Kitchen into people’s homes for baking nights…and keeping vigilant guard against romance.

The one and only time Cressy lost her head to love was over a decade ago while in St Aidan, and she won’t be making the same mistake again – a feat easier said than done when Ross Bradbury looks even better a decade on…and every step she takes seems to put him in her path!

This book is utterly adorable and just so sweet. It is the perfect cure to chase those winter blues away. Tea for Two at the Little Cornish Kitchen is technically a stand-alone (and can be read as one). But it is a continuation of The Little Cornish Kitchen book, which followed Clemmie and Charlie’s love story. I was a little overwhelmed while reading the first few chapters (just like Cressy was) because I was introduced to so many characters right away, and it felt like I should know them. That overwhelmed feeling did disappear as I became familiar with all the secondary characters in this book. 

All the characters in this book are fun, relatable, and just so quirky at times. Cressy is a wonderful main character, and I loved watching as she opened her heart to new friends and the possibility of love with a man who broke her heart so many years ago. The scenes with the seniors in the retirement home were just so charming. They were just so much fun and full of life. I definitely teared up (in a happy way) while reading some of Cressy’s interactions with some of the seniors. Listening to them talk about their lives reminds me of all those chats I have with my Nanny at her kitchen table.

The romance between Cressy and Ross is a second chance and forced proximity romance. These two had a relationship back when they were in university, but things ended badly between the two of them. Cressy and Ross’s failed relationship would end up shaping how Cressy interacted with people around her. She built this wall around her heart and kept everyone at arm’s length. These two have the shock of their lives when they see each other at the café in St. Aidan. Things between these two become even more complicated when they end up being roommates for a few months (to help take care of Charlie and Clemmie’s pets). I like these two, as a couple. I could see their chemistry, and there were definitely some sparks when they were together. However, there were moments I wanted to lock them in a room and scream at them to talk out their problems and to just kiss already. It felt like every step they took forward in their relationship; they would take two back because of some miscommunication.

Aaaand there goes my diet, LOL. This book has next-level food talk in it. I will admit that I had to put this book down and run out to the nearest store and buy some yummy baked goods. Tea for Two at the Little Cornish Kitchen is just one of those books you need to read with food. It’s a must! 

Beware! There are some pretty darn cute animals in this book. Diesel and Pancake really stole the spotlight at times, and I just wanted to reach in and give them big squishy hugs.

If you are looking for a fun, sweet read to help cheer you up this winter, you should read Tea For Two at the Little Cornish Kitchen.

Thank you One More Chapter and Rachel Random Resources for the ARC in exchange for an honest review.