Review by Kayleigh

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“A dating agency? Really? No point asking why, of course, but, really?”

“Yep. I saw an ad on a bus.”

Debbie gawped at her friend as if she were deranged and had just admitted to joining a satanic cult. “Oh, that’s OK then. If it was advertised on a bus, it must be a reputable company,” she said in despair.

The Dating Game is filled with friendship and hilarity.

Work, work, work. That’s all Glaswegian recruitment consultant Gill does. Her friends fix her up with numerous blind dates, none suitable, until one day Gill decides enough is enough.

Seeing an ad on a bus billboard for Happy Ever After dating agency ‘for the busy professional’, on impulse she signs up. Soon she has problems juggling her social life as well as her work diary.

Before long she’s experiencing laughs, lust and … could it be love? But just when things are looking up for Gill, an unexpected reunion forces her to make an impossible choice.

Will she get her happy ever after, or is she destined to be married to her job forever?

The Dating Game didn’t do it for me: I couldn’t connect and root with Gill, our heroine. She’s not a bad person; I just didn’t find her engaging and interesting enough to care what happened to her life.

The Dating Game is set in Glasgow, Scotland and gives a delightful look at the city. There are a lot of food scenes and some comedic capers. The most engaging aspects of The Dating Game, in my opinion, is the look at mid-30s women in different life stages and the challenges and struggles of maintaining friendships. These scenes felt authentic and emotionally engaging.

While I didn’t connect with the book, if you’re looking for a light, chick-lit style story, The Dating Game will entertain.

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