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Growing up you could always spot Emma Lynden with her nose in a book, drawn towards uplifting fiction full of hope and heart, and frequently imagining stories of her own. It was then that her dream of becoming a writer first took root. But it wasn’t until years later, when a close friend chanced to remark, “I bet you could write a really nice romance,” that those long-tucked-away dreams finally found the direction they’d been destined for. When she’s not spinning sweet stories about family, friendship, and finding true love, you can usually catch Emma enjoying the great outdoors, capturing the beauty of everyday life behind her camera lens, or curling up with her latest read.

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What’s the strangest thing you searched for on the internet for your novel?

If the decadent, festive desserts I concocted in my imagination were actually creatable in real life!

What book (or author) made you fall in love with the romance genre?

The cozy, heartwarming stories of Debbie Macomber.

What is your favourite trope? Why?

 So hard to choose! Opposites-attract is always fun, because of the initial tension and how beautifully the couple ends up complementing each other, both opening their eyes to a new point of view. 

It’s the morning after, and a lover is making your main character the perfect breakfast in bed. What is it?

Definitely, Eggs Benedict. Verona is very much a morning person, breakfast is her favourite meal of the day, and not being able to resist a delicious double-serving of Eggs Benedict may just be directly responsible for her current meet-cute, which takes place over the course of a big brunch buffet…

What book are you reading currently?

Teri Wilson’s latest rom-com A Spot of Trouble.

The rapid fire question – Would you spend your Valentine in a snowy mountainside castle or a sunny California vineyard?

Sparkling snowfalls, starry skies, and pine trees strung with twinkling lights outside. Glamorous, old-world charm, soft candlelight, and crackling fires inside. Absolutely a snowy, mountainside castle, chock-full of all the coziest, most romantic vibes for celebrating the holiday.

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