Review by Gabrielle

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Every kiss we have steals my breath, stops the spinning of the world, and this one is no different. Time stops, air molecules freeze, and in this moment, there’s no me, or him, or everything else. Just us.

This book is just the most fun ever.

Meddy Chan is such a good daughter and niece. She dutifully returned to her family’s wedding  business with her Ma and Aunties after college even though that meant leaving her true love Nathan in her rearview. So of course she goes on the blind date set up by her Ma. When things go wrong and she accidentally kills him, Meddy’s meddlesome mom and Aunties get involved, making things much worse. They accidentally ship the dead body to the exclusive island resort where their biggest wedding job yet is happening. If that wasn’t enough, they soon discover the resort is owned by Meddy’s ex Nathan. Hijinks and hilarity ensues as Meddy tries to not get caught, make the wedding a success AND deal with her feelings for Nathan.

There is just so much greatness going on in this book. Meddy is a great character you will love immediately. The dynamic between her and her mom and Aunties is so well written. If you come from a large, close knit, traditional family, you will be able to relate to the Chans. The Aunties are larger than life and I loved them all, even as they did crazy things that made you want to pull your hair out in anxiety for Meddy. Their big personalities really stole the show a number of times and the book is so much better because of it. I loved the intricate dynamics between the sisters, how Big Aunt and Second Aunt are always jostling for leadership and Fourth Aunt and Ma are always in silent competition with each other. It felt true to the way that families can fight but in the end, still be there for each other. The love and care may be riddled with guilt trips, but in the end the support is unwavering. Whether or not you can personally relate to the Chans, you will love them all I am confident.

I thought the romance between Meddy and Nathan was cleverly written with flashbacks filling in the blanks of their past and helping us believe their immediate chemistry when they reconnect at the resort in the present day. Nathan is intensely likable and I loved how they were together. I have to say for a mostly closed door book, there are some very steamy kissing scenes. Some of the most intense kissing scenes I have ever read! I loved them. I just loved how their whole relationship was constructed. I was definitely cheering for them to end up together. One of the greatest secrets of this book is a delightful secondary romance that emerges. I won’t spoil it but I will say that I didn’t see it coming and I loved it.

This book is funny! There were so many times I laughed out loud. With the sequel slated to come out in March 2022 as well as the Netflix project directed and produced by the totally fabulous Nahnatchka Khan, there is a lot more Aunties in our future and I’m here for it.