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“It’s been a while since I found someone physically attractive. At thirty-six, you’re past the age of crushes and most men you meet are married or otherwise taken, and on the rare occasion I have dated, it’s more about making a connection with someone than what they look like, by oh, holy night, Tav is gorgeous.” 

The Post Box at the North Pole is a vibrant charming Christmas read. 

Sasha Hansley hates Christmas. As a child, it was her favourite time of year, but ever since the tragic death of her mother, it has completely lost its magic.

But when she gets an unexpected phone call from her eccentric estranged father, she’s forced to dust off her snow boots.

He has been running a Lapland style Christmas village in Norway and after suffering a heart attack, he is on strict doctor’s orders to slow down. Eager to reconnect with her dad, Sasha books the next flight out there. Only she has never actually been on a plane before, let alone to the Arctic Circle.

Met at the runway by drop-dead-gorgeous Taavi Salvesen, they sleigh ride through the snow with the Northern Lights guiding their way.

When Sasha uncovers sacks of unopened Santa mail – letters that children and adults from all over the world write to Santa every year – she realises that she can send a little bit of magic out into the world by replying to some of them.

With Taavi on hand to help, will Sasha rediscover her own excitement for Christmas and find love among the letters?

Ok, that’s it! I’m taking a trip to either Norway or Finland (or both!). Reading all these wonderful Christmas books that are taking place in these enchanting countries has me wanting to take a trip to these winter paradises. How can I resist their captivating North Lights, festive Christmas markets, and of course, all of those handsome, sweet men walking around just waiting to sweep me off my feet. LOL

This book was FABULOUS, and I am becoming a real fan of Jaimie Adman’s books. They are just those perfect charming escape reads that will leave you feeling cozy and believing in happily ever afters. I ended up reading this book one day while sitting on my couch right beside my Christmas tree and fireplace. I really loved the premise of this book, and I demand that Hallmark make a movie out of this book, oh and The Nutcracker Lane book as well.

There is just so much to love about this book, the characters, story, setting, and of course, all the reindeer who add that extra sparkle to the story (especially Rudolf Number 3, also known as Clive). As I mentioned before, I love the premise of this book. There is just something so magical about a story that takes place in a Christmas Village that is so close to the actual North Pole. I am a sucker for a book that takes a place that is struggling to get by, and the main character(s) work hard to bring it back to life. I just loved watching that magic and joy return to this charming Christmas Village. Jaimie did a fantastic job of bringing this winter wonderland to life for her readers. It felt like I was there going on dog sled rides, watching the Northern Lights, and eating festive pancakes (which I need to make, who cares about my diet), and just standing there catching snowflakes in my mouth.

What stood out the most for me was the Christmas letters that kids (and some adults) sent to Santa, delivered to the Christmas Village. There was such a wonderful mix of cheeky, cute letters and those heartfelt and sometimes heartbreaking letters that kids had sent to Santa. It brought back those memories of when I wrote to Santa as a little girl and how much love and hope I put in them. Those moments when Sasha and Tav are reading those kids’ letters would melt even the iciest hearts.  

Sasha isn’t your typical holiday romance main character; she doesn’t like Christmas and is very practical. She doesn’t believe that Christmas magic exists, and the only things she wants is to find a job and to get her father back to England. Then there is the sweet and gorgeous Taavi (Tav), who has been helping her father around the Christmas Village; he believes in the magic of Christmas and is set on convincing Sasha that Christmas magic does exist.  I really can’t think of a holiday book that I have read where the heroine is the cynical non-believer, and the hero is the festive Christmas lover. I found myself enjoying the role reversal that Jaimie used in this story. It was a nice change-up. Sasha and Tav are fabulous main characters that you can’t help but root for. Even though this is a cute Christmas read, both characters have a lot of depth, and I loved watching as they slowly learn more about each other. They are like a Christmas Parfait with lots of layers. Their relationship has this slow-burn, close-proximity feel to it, and there are lots of moments between these two that had my heart going pitter-patter.  

A Post Box at the North Pole is a Christmas book that I will be reading again and again.