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Series Name: Mermaids Point, #2

“There’s no such thing as soulmates. There’s no one person who is our perfect match. Save that nonsense for the romance books. What there is are people who come into our lives and make the risk worth the reward. It’s messy and difficult and wonderful, but never perfect. If you wait for perfection, you’ll end up with nothing.” 

Nerissa Morgan never got over losing the man she loved when she was in her early twenties. Now at the age of 43, she feels like she is stuck in limbo while everyone around her is enjoying life to its fullest. Nerissa’s life is about to change though, the doctor she works for is retiring, and a new doctor is rumoured to be coming to take over the practice. The question is, will Nerissa still have a job and a home when the new doctor takes over?

Since his wife died, Dr. Tom Nelson has buried himself in work, but when his children get into trouble at school, he realizes that his little family has drifted apart. Knowing that they need a change of scenery, Tom decides to take a job as a family doctor in Mermaids Point, a beautiful seaside town. 

The move doesn’t go as smoothly as Tom hopes; his children are still grieving and angry about their mother’s death, and his predecessor is having a hard time letting go of his practice. Tom also finds himself attracted to Nerissa, the lovely receptionist and housekeeper with whom he is now sharing a roof with. 

 Oh, this book was just so delightful to read. If you are looking for a light, cheerful, English seaside read, I would highly recommend giving this book a try. FYI this is the second book in the Mermaids Point series. If you are like me and haven’t read the first book, don’t worry. I didn’t feel lost or confused while reading this book; Sarah did an excellent job bringing readers up to speed while continuing the storyline. 

I don’t think I will ever get tired of reading books that take place in small English towns. I adore Mermaids Point and its lovely community. I loved the gossiping knitting group, the old men getting medical advice in the pub, or people meeting up to swim in the ocean. There is also something so wonderful about watching a community come together when times are tough. Their willingness to open their arms to those who need help is heartwarming. I also get a laugh at how quickly news spreads through a small town. 

The characters in this book are charming and likable. I really couldn’t think of a character in this book that I didn’t like. Tom’s kids, Emily and Max, are sweet and full of big emotions. My favourite scenes in this book were the ones with Nerissa, Max, and Toby (the dog), they were just so lovely. Come on, who wouldn’t love dancing in the macarena in the kitchen or playing tag on the beach? Nerissa and Tom are wonderful main characters, and it was beautiful to watch as they slowly grew closer together. There were lots of cute moments between the two, and I loved watching as their hearts started to open up to the possibility of new love. 

If I had, one thing that I had to complain about was the abrupt ending of this book. Nerissa and Tom finally admit their feelings to each other, and that was it. The book ended. I thought I was missing pages in my digital copy. LOL. I would have been happy with at least one chapter in the book that had them together as a couple. This might be a clever ploy by the author to get you to buy the next book in the series because it worked. I now need to know what happens with this fabulous couple and will be picking up Christmas Surprises at Mermaids Point, which is the next book in the series. 

Autumn Dreams at Mermaids Point is an enduring, charming, English romance that will take you to the English Seaside, where you will never want to leave.

Thank you to Boldwood Books for the ARC in exchange for an honest review.