Review by Gabrielle

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“His touch was slow and coaxing. He built tension and anticipation then defused them with gentle kisses and firm strokes. The eagerness to be together was still there – fiercer than ever, but they controlled it, understanding the significance of the moment, knowing it had to be savoured with unhurried, deliberate movements. Like their first kiss, they existed outside time – unbothered by its pace.”

Hannah has a fulfilling life as a writer for a popular women’s magazine. With her best friend Flo and her supportive mom, she has everything she needs. So why can’t she help feeling like something is missing?

When the father she never knew dies, Hannah is invited to his funeral in Nigeria. Convinced by her mom to go, Hannah experiences a roller coaster of emotions as she meets her estranged wealthy family and handsome family friend Lawrence for the first time. Will Hannah find what she is looking for?

I have been looking forward to this book and I’m happy to report, I am not disappointed.

Jane has created a strong main character in Hannah. She is exactly the sort of MC I love to read about – smart and independent but not without some issues. Growing up not knowing her father and not connected to her Nigerian heritage has left a gap in her life. Her complexity makes her both relatable and compelling. Just like in real life, not everything can be solved and wrapped up neatly in the span of one book, but Hannah definitely grows and changes throughout it and there is enough resolution to be satisfying to readers looking for an HEA.

 Lawrence is a swoon worthy love interest for Hannah and I loved the chemistry between them. Jane did a great job balancing their instant connection with them getting to know each other. The tension is built in such a great way. Their connection is sooo steamy and the intimate scenes are very well done.

This book could almost read like a modern fairytale – woman discovers she has a very wealthy family she never knew about, but lucky for us Jane has constructed the story in a way that it never veers into something that feels overdone while still offering plenty of awestruck moments. I especially love the scene when Hannah arrives in Nigeria and realizes for the first time just how wealthy her family is. A classic fairytale-esque moment.

 There is a great cast of secondary characters in Hannah’s newfound siblings Tiwa, Segun, Dami, and Shola. I loved that they didn’t all just embrace her right away and that there was some very real conflict there. Each of the sibling characters are well constructed and they add great depth to the story. There is even a lovely secondary romance that plays out with one of them.

Overall this is a great read worth picking up.

Thanks to Penguin Random House for the ARC in exchange for an honest review.