Review by Gabrielle

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“We’re magnets, trying to draw together even as we cradle the careful distance between us”

It’s not too late to sneak in one more beach read before summer is gone. Make it People We Meet On Vacation by Emily Henry, you won’t be disappointed.

Polar opposites Poppy and Alex have been best friends since college. Well, up until two years ago when things got weird and they haven’t talked since. But before that they took a summer trip together every year for a decade. Now Poppy is a super successful travel writer but her life feels lacking somehow. She misses her bestie and their trips together. On a whim she reaches out with an invitation for a summer trip and by some miracle, Alex agrees. Now Poppy has just one week to repair their relationship and have their best trip ever.

Poppy and Alex may be polar opposites, but they are both very likable characters. Poppy can’t sit still and has the heart of an adventurer. Alex wears khakis and is dependable to a fault. They really are like puzzle pieces that fit together to make a whole. The banter between them alone will have you grinning. It’s just so darn clever, funny and sweet.

I loved the pace of this book. It switches perspectives between their present day trip to the past trips they took together. It takes a while for the reader to see the whole picture of their relationship with each chapter filling in only a few details. It feels a bit like a mystery novel as you try and figure out what exactly happened that left them estranged. How could two people who clearly care so much for each other not talk for two years? It’s a slow build that is so skillfully done, I was flipping pages like crazy just to find out.

Traveling is a passion of mine so I tend to love books about traveling. This one has some neat locations included and I enjoyed seeing them from the perspective of Poppy and Alex’s trips.

I love Emily’s writing. There are passages so beautifully written they will take your breath away. There are parts that are so intelligent and hilarious you will laugh out loud. But there are also moments so tender I teared up a bit too. This book has all the feels and I loved every moment. 

Overall, a highly satisfying read. Emily is definitely an autobuy author for me now.