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“Twelve boyfriends?” he asked, smiling. “Is it too unlucky to try for a thirteenth? Am I doomed to fail?”

She shook her head. “Thirteen is a baker’s dozen. The extra one always tastes the sweetest.”

When it comes to bread, Reena Manji knows exactly what she’s doing. But, nothing ever seems to go as planned when it comes to her life, family, and dating experience. Enter Nadim Remtulla. He’s gorgeous, funny, and loves food. The only problem is that he’s just begun working for her father, who’s also hoping that he’ll marry Reena. Can you say arranged marriage? No thanks. Too bad their chemistry is out of control. When a couples cooking competition requires Reena to create a fake fiancé in order for her to attain the success she’s always dreamed about, Nadim is the obvious choice. But that puts Nadim directly in her path (in her kitchen!) and her life, well, what could possibly go wrong?

Accidentally Engaged has a sweetly fun premise and a huge cast of really entertaining characters. And the chemistry between Renna and Nadim is out of control. But where Heron really shines is showcasing Reena’s relationships with her family and friends. Heron writes a strong female lead who doesn’t really know what’s going on in her life. Her exploration of a 30-year-old’s love life, relationship dynamic with her family (who she loves fiercely but also drives her crazy), and figuring out her own path is poignant but also really funny.

I really liked the fake engagement aspect to the story. While Nadim and Reena are officially thrown together thanks to her over-enthusiastic parents, who are partially match-making and partially arranging a marriage, Nadim and Reena find their own chemistry and relationship balance that is endearing and oh so sexy. 

I love Farah’s heroines (and was so glad we got to see Amira again from The Chai Factor) because they are feisty and imperfect and just trying to figure out their lives. They don’t have their entire life together and are just taking it a day at a time. Farah writes complicated and imperfect characters who are just looking for their happy endings and someone to call home. 

If you love big, family-focused relationship comedies (hands up if you loved My Big Fat Greek Wedding) with a steamy friends-to-lovers relationship, then Accidentally Engaged is a must-read. One warning: do not read this if you’re hungry. I made the mistake of trying to read this book before bed and blame Farah for the large amount of toast crumbs in my sheets.

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