Review by Gabrielle

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Series Name: Moose Springs, Alaska #3

“The tension between them wasn’t thick enough to cut with a knife…it was melted chocolate. Warm and gooey and impossible to get off her skin.”

The delightful characters and setting of Moose Springs Alaska return in this third book in the series by Sarah Morgenthaler.

River Lane is quickly coming to the end of her Hollywood acting career. When she gets a shot to prove herself as a producer on a documentary set in Moose Springs, Alaska, she goes for it, hoping it will steer her career in a much needed new direction. Except the locals don’t fancy tourists and getting permits or anyone to speak on camera is proving harder than she thought. Changing tactics, she decides climbing Mount Veil is their only option to get the documentary made. She hires hunky local Easton Lockett to guide them up and down the mountain. As the temperature drops, the interaction between River and Easton heats up. Climbing Mount Veil is no walk in the park. Can they make it up and back safely?

This was a fun one for me. Being a big nature lover, I enjoyed the natural setting and the details of their ascent up the mountain. The danger added a nice tension to the book which helped build a sense of adventure and contributed to the pace of the romance between River and Easton. Sarah is a very funny writer and I laughed out loud at several moments, a nice foil to all that adventure. I enjoyed River’s character: she is fierce and driven but still relatable. Admittedly Easton might make my list of top favourite book boyfriends. Outwardly a little grumpy but inside a big softie, he is also loyal and smart. It was nice to see the characters from the previous two books make an appearance, but this book definitely stands on its own apart from the series. This can be read as a standalone book or is a great introduction to Erin’s writing.

Overall a very fun read. I would recommend it, especially if you enjoy the great outdoors.