Wednesday May 19, 2021 at 8:00pm

Join us this month to chat about Asking for a Friend by Andi Osho. Register here. This program is offered in partnership with Idea Exchange.

About the Book: 

No woman gets left behind. Three best friends are going to solve their relationship woes once and for all. Forty-something Jemima’s life is on track – well, sort of, she just need to bat her niggly ex away for good.Twenty-something Meagan is in the midst of her five-phase plan and is nearly ready for phase three: a relationship.While thirty-something Simi has had more it’s not yous than any I dos.These best friends decide it’s time to ditch the dating apps and play the love game by their own rules. They’re going to ask people out in real life, but only for each other. What could possibly go wrong? Comedian Andi Osho’s hilarious and uplifting debut novel features her trademark wit and is perfect for fans of Candice Carty-Williams, Lucy Diamond and Mhairi McFarlane.