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Series Name: Little Beach Street Bakery # 2

“Huckle sighed. The old ladies gathered around to examine Neil (or, Polly reckoned mischievously, to get their hands on Huckle’s bicep). When they’d finally cleared, she leaned over to kiss her boyfriend.” 

It’s time to step back into the world of yummy baked bread, sweet romance, and an unforgettable seaside town. Summer at Little Beach Street Bakery by Jenny Colgan, is the second book in the Little Beach Street Bakery series. 

It’s summertime in Mount Polbearne, and Polly is happy. She runs a bustling bakery, has her own lighthouse, is madly in love with Huckle, and Neil the adorable puffin has the town wrapped around his tiny wing. However, her happy little life starts to fall apart when a newcomer threatens to ruin her business that she worked so hard to create. Polly’s relationship with Huckle is put to the test as they try to figure out how to make a long-distance relationship work. Polly knows that a storm is coming, and it might destroy everything that she loves; the question is whether her love for baking, Huckle, and this little seaside town will endure what is about to come.

This book is just as yummy as Little Beach Street Bakery, the first book in the series. I was curious what direction Jenny had planned on taking this series since the end of the first book ended with everything being perfect in Polly’s life. I have to say, Jenny sure did throw a few wrenches into her life. There was a lot of  drama and action in this book, which I enjoyed. 

The romance in this book focused on how different relationships weather bad times. Polly and Huckle were really only physically together for the first bit of the book; then Huckle had to leave for work. There were many ups and downs between Polly and Huckle; your heart really goes on a roller-coaster ride when you are reading this book. Don’t worry, readers; there are still some pretty sweet moments between these two love birds. Polly and Huckle really do have a wonderful relationship, and I love being able to watch them grow as a couple. I also loved that Jenny gave Kerensa and Reuben more page time; these two have a weird steamy relationship, that is just so much fun to read. 

Fans of Neil the Puffin will love all the scenes that our cute, feathered friend is in. I love how the whole town adores this bird and treats him as a proper member of their community. It’s also wonderful how Neil has his own little story in this book and is able to find his own little happily ever after. 

I can’t wait to read the next installment in this series, Christmas at the Little Beach Street Bakery!

Fans of small-town romances will fall in love with Summer at the Little Beach Street Bakery, a book with delightful characters and a charming story. Bonus!! Jenny was sweet enough to put some recipes in this book, so get ready to do some baking when you are finished.