Review by Veronica

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Series Name: Cupcake Cafe # 1

“Excerpt from Grandpa Joe’s recipe:
While baking eat four remaining tsp Nutella. Eat entire tray of cookies while reading gossip magazine and wearing pajamas.
Optional garnish: tears.” 

Get ready to bite into this sweet romance novel by Jenny Colgan. Meet Me at the Cupcake Café is a romance novel that is sure to delight readers with its wonderful cast of characters and heartfelt story.

Issy Randall grew up in her Grandpa Joe’s bakery, and as an adult, she can really make some mouth-watering cupcakes. Issy loves baking sweets for her friends, colleagues, and fellow bus riders but never thinks this hobby will turn into something more. When Issy gets made redundant from her dull office job, she decides it’s time to start doing something she loves and opens up her own cupcake café. Armed with Grandpa Joe’s recipes and help from some new friends, Issy manages to open up her own cafe. But running her own business isn’t a piece of cake, and Issy finds herself struggling to run her business. Issy is going to have to learn the ropes of being a business owner quickly if she wants to be able to keep her little café open.  

This book is as sweet as the icing on Issy’s cupcakes. There is just so much to love: the characters are delightful, and have a lot of depth and there are beautiful backstories. I love the fact that Jenny created this incredible cast of strong female characters who are unique and going through their own life struggles. These leading ladies are in different stages of relationships, and it was interesting (and heartbreaking) to see how they deal with the trials that cupid throws at them. Issy has two romantic interests in this book, one that is not healthy and another that is just so lovely. It was a bit frustrating watching Issy, as she kept on forgiving her “ex” and making excuses for his behaviour. I felt myself yelling “NO” every time she would forgive him. Issy did get some cute meet-up moments with Austin (the attractive bank employee), and their relationship has just the right amount of sweetness to make you smile.  

I adored Grandpa Joe’s recipes which are scattered throughout this book; they are funny and sweet and made my heart so happy. I have made it my goal to bake one of Grandpa Joe’s recipes; wish me luck (I’m a somewhat terrible baker, LOL).

This book is full of flavor and will satisfy those light and fluffy romance cravings that you may have.