Review by Gabrielle

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“Then again, Sophia’s been growing on me these days. Maybe she’s not the devil herself. Just, like, a demon hench-man or something.
A demon hench-man who happens to be a great kisser.”

I like me a little YA novel now and again, and this one is completely adorable.

Emma is the rom-com queen. She knows them all inside and out and even though they never feature the girl-on-girl love she craves, she still can’t get enough of them.

Sophia is the ultimate realist. She knows true love is something that only happens in the movies. There is no such thing as fairytale love in real life.

When Emma and Sophia’s friends group decide to make a movie to enter into the NYC-LA Film Festival, their tastes clash. Emma wants to make the ultimate gay rom-com and Sophia wants to make a more artsy French-style film. With hearts and scholarships on the line, can they come together in time to make the deadline? 

I enjoyed the format of this book with each chapter alternating between Emma and Sophia’s points of view. Although I would describe this as a light book, there was enough drama to make the story realistic. Emma struggles with coming out as bi to her parents and Sophia struggles to deal with her parents divorce. The banter between the two is fun and clever. Both teenagers are quick-witted and enjoyable characters. The rest of the friends group provide some nice balance to their constant duelling. It is exactly the kind of friends group I had in high school with my theatre buddies so it made sense to me to discover this group of film buffs. There is even a sweet secondary romance that plays out between characters Tom and Kate that will melt your heart.

Overall a fun, quick read if you need a little YA in your life.