Review by Gabrielle

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“She should’ve gone to her chambers. There was that Regency rule that single women weren’t supposed to walk out alone except in the morning, but Jane had a headache, and nothing goes worse with a headache than rules.”

Like many romance lovers, I can’t get enough of Jane Austen themed books. This one is a total delight.

Jane Hayes’ obsession with Pride and Prejudice is getting in the way of her love life. How could anyone possibly compare to the eternal Mr. Darcy? When her great-aunt bequeaths her a vacation to a resort created specially for Austen fans, she figures she might as well have one last romp before she faces reality and ditches her fantasies for good. As she steps into character in the impeccable recreation of an Austen inspired world, she finds it hard at times to suspend her disbelief but ultimately decides to give it her all. Could she really find her Mr. Darcy after all?

Although I love romance, it is not always the most intriguing genre. You know how the book is going to end after the first couple of chapters. Imagine my surprise that this one actually kept me guessing right up until the end. I was never totally sure exactly how it would work out. I enjoyed Jane’s character. She’s got a bit of a rebellious streak and wasn’t content to just sit around waiting for the men to arrive, as was expected of Regency era ladies. I’m glad she wasn’t totally all-in on the Austenland concept as it added a bit of excitement to the plot.  Watching Jane sneak around and break some of the rules was good fun. Equally fun was her relationships with all the potential “suitors” from the hunky Colonel Andrews to the forbidden gardener Martin to the insufferable Mr. Nobley. I did wish she wouldn’t doubt herself so much but then, what one of us isn’t guilty of that at times?

Overall I would recommend this one. Now that I am through the book, I’m going to go watch the movie based on it that came out in 2013.

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